Six Directives

Six Directives

—Porrair’s concise instructions to all future pori, both specific and vague.


Class: Philosophy & Religion
Wc: 178


Aut: Porrair
Dt: ~200 B.T.
Ogn: Rudimentary

My progeny, long has it been since the time of of Zisgall, Agaellzis, and Zisloomall, my first creations. I imparted to them many hypotheses, experiments, data, and conclusions throughout their lifetimes. As I am eternal what I passed on will not be lost to the waves of time and space, but I will not have them lost to you. For your lives, and for all future progeny, I give you directives to be followed at my behest. These are results to achieve for without regard to the means of doing so.

In your lives, my progeny, you will abide by these directives. My ordering is such that you will find the first directive most applicable to you more often, and the final the most important of all, in all time.

  1. Be equitable amongst yourselves.
  2. Works are unequal in all but importance.
  3. Keep your own knowledge, and gain that of others.
  4. All the knowledge in Omneutta will benefit from true organization.
  5. Maintain what I have given you.
  6. Be clear, and above all concise.