Topographic Map of Alziviysn




InhabitantsPoint(s) of InterestClimateTerrain
PoriaHot Springs, Volcanoes, SeasHighlandsVolcanic Highlands



The capitol, and largest molten processing facility is Eluelul, located in the southwest of the continent. Several other large cities are next to volcanoes or large bodies of magma, and include Elzanizilh, Eluereln, and Eloilselzj. Two notable cities are Alshcer, a port city whose docks descends down the side of a mountain, and Tclthhel, which is is able to procure enough molten material largely due to the financial success of a ket named Laeh Serin. Tclthhel (pn. tch-l-tfehl) is also home to the recently started Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika, a new historical society aiming to catalogue a wide swath of Omneuttian knowledge in a new information format.

Geographic Points

Notable for its three active volcanoes (Luega Alziviysn, Elzilh, and the unnamed northern Luega), there are several processing facilities scattered about the continent, most of which send the molten material elsewhere. There are also two fairly large but shallow seas in the center of the continent, the Alal and Hlas Ihc, and Hot Springs to the south of Luega Elzilh.