Biological Information

15-25 cm. | 6-10 in..4-1.8 kg. | 1-4 lbs. (without lava)2 yearsMineral-Rich Steam


ParalleliumSkitishDaekoiz, Poria, PekataroHarvested for Lava

The name Airlrhil comes from Jibhaga for “steam eyes”, a phenomena observed that when the crabs stand over steam vents to consume the minerals, the excess and pure water vapor vents out of their eye stalks. The most notable physical characteristic of the airlrhil is the spherical pouch they use as a stomach. As they consume more minerals, the enzymes that make up the pouch head as part of a chemical reaction from coming in contact with the minerals, becoming hot enough on the inside to produce a substance similar to lava, but remaining relatively cool on the outside of the pouch.

Biology and Behavior

It is currently unknown how the airlrhil reproduce, whether they produce eggs or live birth, and nearly all details of the reproductive cycle – whether it is sexual or asexual, its length, and whether or not the crabs have genders. The airlrhil spends most of its relatively short life looking for steam vents across Poria-Space, and scuttling away from vents guarded by predators. They are not actively hunted by any species, but daekoiz will kill them for their pouches if outside a volcano, and pekataro will eat them for their meaty legs.

Interaction with Omneuttians

While there are very few in modern times, pori who live outside cities find themselves consuming airlrhil for sustenance. Less nutritious than real lava but more so than rocks or mineral deposits, airlrhil are consumed by pori from the city as well, in the case of those who find themselves a fair distance away from cities as part of their work, and wide swaths of Parallelium view un-punctured pouches that have been separated from the live airlrhil as a sort of delicacy.