Harvesting Airlrhil Pouches

Harvesting Airlrhil Pouches

—A quick description on how to harvest the pouches from airlrhils, which are viewed as a delicacy in many parts of Parallelium.


Class: Sociology
Wc: 490


Aut: Viyraehna dul Aehntouna
Dt: 653 A.T.
Ogn: Visage

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There are not many things in Parallelium that exist as a delicacy. Items, behaviors, and all else that are superfluous are shunned. And yet, the consumption of airlrhil pouches has persisted across Parallelium for centuries. To speculate, this tradition may have started when pori ventured outside their cities inside volcanoes to thermal vents – or later when pori in plains-locked cities ventured back toward ancestral homes and found thermal vents on calderic lands.

In the view of those who consume them, pouches separated from live airrhl have notable differences in taste, and texture. As such they are preferred to pouches that are separated after the crab is lifeless. Some readers may not be comfortable removing the pouches while the creatures are still alive and for these readers, a quick guide:

  • Procure a utensil or other slim and solid accoutrement – you would need this item either way.
  • While holding the airlrhil on its mouth on a flat surface, or with the pouch facing up, wedge your object between the head and pouch and push until firmly in place.
  • With a quick motion, push the object down towards the head to sever the spine from the head.
  • Alternatively, you can hold the airlrhil by its legs in a bunch with the head facing you and pull your object toward you.
  • Take care that once the head is severed from the neck, you have only seconds to flip the airlrhil so that the pouch points down. Doing so will prevent any of the semi-liquid from draining out of its mouth.

The remainder of this guide focuses on how to remove pouches from airlrhil. As a reminder, in order to produce the highest quality semi-liquid this process must be done quickly and while the airlrhil is live.

  • While holding the airlrhil by either the legs in a bunch, or with the palm across the mouth and fingers between the legs, ensure the pouch is gently resting on a flat surface.
  • Wedge your accoutrement between the spine and plates at any of the points where the plates meet the pouch.
  • In some sub-species of airlrhil, the plates will be grown from the outside of the spine and have more tension on the pouch. It is recommended to wedge from the relatively large gaps on the sides of the plate, and bring your wedge to a vertical position from there.
  • Sever the connection between spine and plate on each of the plates in opposing pairs, rotating front-to-back so that the pouch remains as evenly gripped by the airlrhil as possible until detached.
  • Once removed, the pouch will be regrown by the airlrhil over a number of weeks, so the crab can be released, or the leg meat can be used to feed other domesticated species such as Cukalls or as bait for other wild creatures.
  • The pouch is best consumed using two hands near the opening for even rotation and pouring.