Truth of True Selves

Truth of True Selves

—An argument against the existing notion that all things in Omneutta inherently possess characteristics beyond what we can experience, referred to as the “True Selves Theory”.


Class: Philosophy & Religion
Wc: 394


Aut: Agatah yla Seljivo
Dt: 736 A.T.
Ogn: Rudimentary

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Originally credited to turth philosophers, the True Selves Theory has seen much refinement in the last few decades by philosophers and metaphysicians across The Known Universe. The theory should be outright rejected at a base level and substituted with several more limited theories in scope. With applicability only in parts, it would make more sense to posit each partial applicability as its own theorem rather than generalize sentience to all of Omneutta.

First, to allow room for the quarryns’ usage of the term “essence”, the categorical refutation and following substitutions would allow for internal and external presence. That is to say that a fully formed rock could have its internal presence extracted, leaving behind a hollow, or partially supported shell or husk. Thus, it would maintain the exterior presence and allow for the quarryn practice of essence withdrawal, usage, and philo-religious meaning.

Secondly, to allow room for the turths and other species to use both of what is referred to as “magic”s and “magik”s, the refutation and substitutions would posit that there is a third presence beyond internal, and external. A philosopher or metaphysicist with more experience in magic and/or magik could perhaps substitute a more appropriate name, but I will use a working name for this presence, extramaterial. There is nothing inherent about this this presence that binds it to the other two. That is, while the internal and external presence are inherently linked to a physical object that has the external presence visible and the internal presence not such, any object or living being having either internal, external, or both presences does not inherently possess any extramaterial presence.

This is to say that of these three presences, two of which are inherently linked, none are any more true than the other. While we may not be able to see the internal presence initially, it is visible, and those skilled may withdraw it, and those skilled may withdraw any extramaterial presence that is present.

There is nothing to offer other than sentience for anything in Omneutta beyond these three presences. In addition to the Sentient Species’ full sentience, the various fauna have levels of semi-sentience, and there is no object that possesses this true, sentient self beyond what we can detect. There is no rock or tree that can hide its presence from the Poria and our intellect.