Through Time

Through Time

—A chronicling of various organizations around Omneutta written by various authors.


Class: Report
Wc: 402


Aut: Various
Dt: Various
Ogn: Rudimentary

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Before the inception of the Omne-Lata Ad-Hocracy, there was no body of justice in Omneutta. A turth by the name of Yscnajow had gathered a band of warrior-philosophers in Duslady, a Local Group in the southern most reaches of The Hilt. These were not all Turths. They progressed North and East through The Hilt and shortly to Pale Shores, but these were not all turths before entering Pale Shores. As Poria technology spread, Yscnajow already had a small band who acted as impartial judge and jury around their planet-star. The engineers that brought the first ships The Hilt had seen also brought more Poria, partially in an effort of colonization, partially in an effort to leave behind those who would teach the locals of the technology. Some of these Poria joined Yscnajow in his efforts.

As he and his band of Gallants traveled around Omneutta, some would stay behind on planet-stars whose communities wanted protection. They would train and recruit groups of warriors and philosophers, training each in the other’s discipline until they became Gallants. Though the spreading and branching of these warrior-philosophers, The Gallants spread around Omneutta shortly After Time.

With the advent of the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy, Yscnajow sent word that the Gallants were to transition to a protecting and reactionary force, rather than be present and have to choose sides in interomneuttian conflicts. His foresight was keen as OLAH began to take up the mantle of arbitrators. They were slow, and locals almost always preferred those familiar with both sides, but a large bureaucratic government was not to be trifled with. Instead, the Gallants of planet-stars across Omneutta would function as hired muscle—not meant for interomneuttian conflicts, but could be hired to protect citizens of natural threats, or even be hired by OLAH to enforce their rulings.

Over time, the number of groups of Gallants has dwindled, with numbers at one point over one hundred halls recently counted as less then twenty. With the Omne-Lata Ad-Hocracy enlisting enforcers, they no longer have use for the Gallants as hired hands, nor do many communities need protection from natural threats—technology has risen to the level of cheap production so that most Omneuttians can protect themselves from those that go bump in the night. Gallants in modern times are part sleuth, part warrior, part negotiator, and again part philosopher.