Omne-Lata Ad-Hocracy

Omne-Lata Ad-Hocracy

(ohm-nE-lah-tah ahd-hawk-rah-sE)


Ldr: The Council
Est: ~200 A.T.
Hq: unknown


The Omne-Lata Ad-Hocracy (often shortened to O.L.A.H. or OLAH) is the main governing body of Omneutta After Time. As their name states, they are an Ad-Hoc form of government, meaning that the organization formed out of necessity, rather than a strict constitution or formal occasion. A detailed record of the founding of the Ad-Hocracy was not kept, and as such details of the event and organization have been lost to the general public for some time. In similar fashion, the public has little reliable information about the structure of OLAH, and the remaining contents of this article may not be accurate or up-to-date.

The organization has released that its overarching goal is to operate “in the best interests of Omneuttians” and at one point split into divisions to help it reach that goal. For a few centuries it was well known that each Sentient Species sent a member to govern on The Council, but it is no longer known if The Council still has authority over the Ad-Hocracy as a whole or are figureheads. The Divisions of Authority, Abidance, and Adherence were at one point staffed with Representatives who did not leave the Ad-Hocracy and Delegates who could; the Divisions dealt with creating laws, interpreting laws and the consequences for breaking them, and apprehending those who are believed to have broken the laws. However, it is widely believed now that insectoid-creatures known simply as Enforcers have replaced the Delegates of the Division of Adherence. It is not known if the functionality of Omneuttians serving in other Divisions has been replaced.

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