Omne-Lata AdHocracy

<p class="has-text-align-center has-medium-font-size has-medium-font-size”>Omne-Lata AdHocracy (<em>ohm-nE-lah-tah ahd-hawk-rah-sE</em>) [Omne-Lata AdHocracy
(ohm-nE-lah-tah ahd-hawk-rah-sE)

General Information

Organization TypeGoalsEstablished
Government“In the best interests of Omneuttians~200 A.T.

Governing Information

Head of StateLegislatureJudicial SystemMilitary
The CouncilDivision of AuthorityDivision of AbidanceDivision of Adherence

Societal Information

Capitol/HeadquartersCurrencyReligious Affiliation(s)

Other Information

Notable MembersAlliesEnemies
N/AEnforcersThe Resistance


The Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy (often shortened to O.L.A.H. or OLAH) is the main governing body of Omneutta After Time. As their name states, they are an Ad-Hoc form of government, meaning that the organization formed out of necessity, rather than a strict constitution or formal occasion. A detailed record of the founding of the Ad-Hocracy was not kept, and as such details of the event and organization have been lost to the general public for some time.

Council Uniform Concepts

The Council of Elders was originally the Head of State for OLAH, and were comprised of seven members. Each member was a representative of their Sentient Species, and it was left up to each Sentient Species to establish conditions under which they chose their representative. The Council of Elders for many years were the only members of the Ad-Hocracy and the sole purpose of the government was to resolve conflicts that superseded any form of local authority.

In time, OLAH began adding more to itself in the form of branches, still leaving the Council of Elders as the final vote for all decisions. These branches were to govern sets of laws, deciding punishments for laws that were broken, and attempts to make sure laws were not broken in the first place. Over time, the Council of Elders to several different names, and is currently referred to as The Council since not all members are elders. Somewhere along the line, Lott was made the official currency of Omneutta, and the Enforcers were sought out to police space, though the latter is far more recent. No one outside of OLAH is sure of either date.


Delegate Uniforms

There are currently three branches of government, which comprise the Legislature, Judicial System, and Military respectively. Members of each division are called Representatives and serve for life, not leaving the compound. Representatives are aided by Delegates who are allowed to leave OLAH’s headquarters, and meet with the general populace of Omneutta from time to time. Though called an Ad-Hocracy, the branches function closer to a Bureaucracy, largely inefficient.

Division of Authority

Authority Uniforms

Representatives in the Division of Authority meet regularly to define and review the laws that govern Omneutta. These can range from regulating trade to determining the ethical treatment of non-sentient species.

Division of Abidance

Abidance Uniforms

Representatives in the Division of Authority convene when a case is brought before them by Delegates. There is no prosecution or defense like many modern legal systems, but only a single or small team of Delegates who present a case to the Division.

Division of Adherence

Main Article: Enforcers

Adherance Uniforms

The Division of Adherence once sent out Representatives to make sure that Omneuttians followed the laws set forth by the Division of Authority and bring them to the Division of Abidance. The policy changed at some point in time and now OLAH sends out Enforcers to patrol and spot infractions of laws.