Biographical Information:

Sz: 1.8 m. | 5’ 11” (standing)
Wt: 29.7 kg. | 65 lbs.
Loc: Across Omneutta
Tpt: Domesticated to Aggressive
Prd: None
Var: None


Lyenn are used as a police and military force throughout Omneutta beginning sometime in the late 700s or early 800s, A.T. Their use as a police force is limited to both space and land patrols, often in areas designated by OLAH as needing ‘protection’ from those who break the law, or areas that have recently seen a large crime. Enforcers can sometimes accompany Delegates to their meetings with Omneuttians. As a military force, they have been seen in three forms of appearance, each armoured.

Not much is known at this time about the Lyenn before their use as Enforcers by O.L.A.H. Lyenn and Lyennfich make up what are commonly referred to as Enforcers, as most Lyenn seen around Omneutta travel with a Lyennfich, seen in header. The two species are closely related, both being covered in hard chitin, with some soft tissue exposed–on the Lyenn this is seen in their lower legs and arms and on the Lyennfich’s underbelly. The species seem to have a mutually beneficial symbiosis as unarmoured Lyenn are almost exclusively seen with a Lyennfich which are in turn exclusively seen with unarmoured Lyenn.