Missing: Naokia z Mihrob Member


Naokia z Mihrob Member

—A report from the office of the Elumir that details the timeline of the missing turth researcher Zinder ‘Odkodpoby.


Class: Report
Wc: 399


Aut: Office of the Elumir: Hecmaeyl w Morze
Dt: 988 A.T.
Ogn: Mistborne

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Despite the outlined timeline of of Zinder ‘Odkodpoby’s travel to Vale Reef for work on behalf of the Naokia z Mihrob being three years, we have sustained a long period without contact from our researcher. On 13 Veauvas 986 A.T. Odkodpoby departed from the Naokia and arrived on Tennu several days later. Our last recorded contact was received on on 26 Apuvas 987 A.T. after which communications from ‘Odkodpoby have ceased. Transmissions to her communication apparatus have not been successful, and our attempts to reach local authorities have not proven fruitful.

As one of the smaller Naokia across The Hilt, especially one dedicated to flexibility in research with a small staff, the outlined timeline of three years increased the likelihood that funding for Zinder Odkodpoby’s return to The Hilt could be secured by that time. Though her research premise is viewed with uncertainty and doubt here at the Naokia, if true the research undertaken could prove to be monumental for all future citizens of Omneutta. It is because of this that I am filing this report as a CASE LEVEL ONE for consideration.

Addendum A: As Elumir of Hecmaeyl w Morze I certify the request for a CASE LEVEL ONE, and further this report to Elumir of Cmuragoreas the head of the region.

Addendum B: The Naokia z Mihrob and by extension Hecmaeyl w Morze is one of the most valued institutions and cities of the region, and I regularly proclaim planet-star. I certify the request for a CASE LEVEL ONE, and further this report to the elected Glowny of Siyzim.

Addendum C: As of 16 Ouovas 989 A.T., the office of the elected Glowny of Siyzim has postponed investigation of this report until 990 A.T.