Mistborne Expedition

All that is above and below the mist.

Our second Expedition has taken us to Tennu in the Vale Reef, in search of information about the Undergrowth chiefly, in addition to learning more about the Kettlah. Laeh Serin has tasked us with procuring this information from all available sources. The Itinerary for the Expedition can be viewed here. At’Ypx has been tasked with capturing the music and sounds necessary to curate an accurate sonic portrayal of Tennu, and we hope the Vale Reef as a whole. Rucu has also been tasked with a large portion of the Expedition’s research in tracking down and translating numerous pieces of literature, including all five chapters of the Kel, and traditional ket literature. By the time that all of the information we gathered on this expedition has been recorded, more knowledge on the Undergrowth and ket culture will have been made available. Now that the Expedition is complete, 47′ of sounds, 9 Articles, and 17 pieces of Artwork have been added to our knowledge bank. For a complete readout, please see below:

The Kel

The fourth section of the Ontiba contains six chapters. The first chapter tells the story of the remaining time between when the last Deities were created and the Timekeeping Reset from Haket’s point of view. The second chapter is recorded from Roa’s memories by the first members of their tribe. The third chapter is what we have of Niu’s tribe retellings of their progenitor, as both the ket and tribe have been lost. The fourth chapter covers Liu’s—often called the forgotten ket—experiences. The fifth chapter covers the perfect Kettlah, Mao. The sixth and final chapter covers the spirit of the tribe, Key.


At’Ypx has captured the sounds and music of Vale Reef in order to produce a sonic representation entitled Mistborn. The album’s single Désolé can be heard here. The album can be heard on bandcamp and YouTube.

Zinder ‘Odkodpoby

A biomedical researcher and not theologian, a turth has been missing for nearly three years on Tennu. Departing from the Naokia z Mihrob of Hexmaeyl w Morze, Siyzim, The Hilt late in 986, the Ajika has been asked to investigate in lieu of a formal investigation by the office of the Glowny on Siyzim. We have collected her journals and published them in a collection ordered by date. We have a preface, nine journals, and an addendum available. Both publishings have been added to the books disambiguation page as well.

Undergrowth Article

The Undergrowth is a catch-all term for land that resides underneath the mist all across Vale Reef. The article is structured similarly to the many Local Group articles, and contains information on flora exclusive to the undergrowth as well.

Kettlah Article

We have made several impactful changes to the Kettlah article to bring it up to par with other high-quality articles. Notably the changes include the image to the left, information about the Kettlah religion, and information found in the Kel.


An article on the belief system, more aptly called a philosophy, of the kets. Though it functions more closely to a philosophy due to the lack of central organization, adherence does require some belief, and groups of kets who believe slight differences make for a few known denominations. With this, we have also updated the Religion article accordingly.


We have written an article on the planet-star we spent several weeks on in Vale Reef: Tennu. Within this article, you will find a map (seen to left), historical, geographic, and some cultural information on the tribe that resides on Tennu. Information on our methodology of obtaining this information is forthcoming.

Traditional ket Literature

We are preparing a series of traditional stories that Rucu has collected from across Vale Reef. Similar to the oral traditions of many cultures, with the notable difference that due to their lack of verbal communication and the structure of Logophem, the language and phrasing can be obtuse. For that reason, commentary from Rucu is included. Currently we have the story Gateways from the Trickster published, and we examine the Unknown Prophecy.

Other News

Small changes made around the website will be catalogued here:

  • We have commissioned a local artist to make headers for our articles and will be displaying them in a gallery attached to this post as they are completed.
  • All Celestial Body (planet-star and star-planet) articles have been edited in their wiki-boxes to read “Classification” rather than “Celestial Body”, “Category”, and other terms, to be clearer that Planet-Star and Star-Planet is what the celestial body is classified as.
  • The same pages have also been edited to unify the presentation of the location’s name and pronunciation. The pages affected are as follows:
  • Following the posting of the Kel, the following articles have been updated with links to the book:
  • Following the posting of our article on the Undergrowth, the following articles have been updated with links:
  • Following the posting of our article on Remiges, the following articles have been updated with links:
  • In Extremis’ bandcamp page has also be reformatted along with the addition of the Mid-Year Music EP that was previously only available on YouTube.

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