Expedition Itinerary In Extremis

Expedition Itinerary #2

Hello, this is Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel. In the forthcoming Expedition we will be traveling to Vale Reef in search of the elusive Undergrowth. Our focus in this expedition will be writings, oral traditions, and knowledge passed down through generations about the Undergrowth, though we expect to find more above the mist. While Baic and Cuoramai will remain here in Tclthhel, Ypx, Rucu, and myself will undertake this expedition. As always, during the expedition we might find information and items that do not relate to the knowledge we seek about the Undergrowth, and I will make a decision when our members return as to whether these non-self-similar should be held to include in a following Expedition’s report.
The group will be tasked with searching for, locating, and retrieving these stories on the Undergrowth. With the information we have, we expect to return with the following:

  • Substantial revisions to the Kettlah Sentient Species article
  • Data, writings, and/or traditions on what, how, and why kets worship
  • Enough information on the Undergrowth to warrant an article
  • Local writings and oral traditions

Ypx will be tasked specifically with capturing the music and sounds necessary to curate an accurate portrayal of Vale Reef, or at least the portion we visit. Ypx will not be taking the majority of his audio equipment, so the album will not likely be out immediately on our return.

Rucu will be tasked specifically with tracking down some traditional literature and translation into Omnel. Additionally, due to the good reception of her previous work on making adefinitive translation of the Ontiba, Rucu will work on translating all five chapters of the Kel. Based on what we currently know, she should return with something along these lines:

  • All five chapters of the Kel, released in sequential order over time
  • Collected traditional literature on ket tribal life
  • Writings on a theologian that did not return as scheduled from Vale Reef

The Expedition will be setting out shortly and we will return on April 28th. Some content may take us time to refurbish or translate, and will be released in time following our return. Stay tuned to our channels for word of our return, and more information about Omneutta.