Expedition Itinerary In Extremis

Expedition Itinerary #1

Hello, this is Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel. In forthcoming Expeditions we will normally be traveling in search of a particular focus, though this expedition will be somewhat exceptional. Transitionary perhaps might be a better descriptor. Our focus in this expedition will be gathering as much writings and knowledge as we can from re-organizing our current materials, and traveling around Tclthhel so see what else we can procure. We expect to find more than reprints of information that we already have. While Baic and I will remain here in Tclthhel, Rucu and Cuoramai will undertake this expedition and Ypx will travel with them intermittently, depending on the state of his equipment as he continues to set up and tune. During the expedition we might find information and items that are not cohesive with the rest, and I will make a decision when our members return as to whether these non-self-similar should be held to include in a following Expedition’s report.

The group will be tasked with searching for, locating, and retrieving as much information as we can find. Based on information we have, we expect to return with the following:

  • Reorganization of the website’s knowledge base
  • Reformatted navigation interface
  • Information on Alziviysn, the continent of Ohr that Tclthhel is on
  • Information on the Ajika, and its members

At some point during this Expedition around Tclthhel, I will be sending Rucu and Cuoramai to the regional depository in Uilpohsl. I anticipate that there might be volumes we can borrow or keep under the condition that Cuoramai restores them to previous pristine condition. Based on what I last knew of the depository’s current stock, she should return with something along these lines:

  • Biographical texts on important modern pori missing from our information
  • Various religious and worship information
  • Readouts on some local wildlife

The Expedition will be setting out shortly and we will return on November 2nd. Some content may take us time to refurbish or translate, and will be released in time following our return. Stay tuned to our channels for word of our return, and more information about Omneutta.