Bundle Five Announcement

Here is the new update theme: Cartography March 28th at 10am (CDT) So, what's coming? Here's a succinct list: Maps article entirely redesigned New information and artwork on all the Local Groups in Omneutta Updates to all existing maps! New maps! Article Headers Gutenberg updates Menu improvements New artwork! Tag cleanups! Mark your calendars!


Forecast February 18

Announcement rolling in! Last week was good! I streamlined my schedule and organized things better so that art/literature/music workloads cohesively overlap throughout the week and I'm not getting mini-burnouts. At least, not from In Extremis. Anywho, let's look back at the week: More Poria artwork (seen below): more posted on both facebook and twitter (so …

Forecast January 14

No, I did not forget about the forecast. Last week was quiet (especially on the website), but I was working. I promise. Here's most of what I did: Finished a few article headersFinished a huge writing project (more on this down the road)Soundtrack Saturday: "Dreaming of Twilight" from Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesOrganized some reference folders …