Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans XVI

It’s been almost two years since the last Future Plans post (read here). That is, frankly, a long time since I really had a definite idea of where In Extremis was going. After announcing a hiatus and ending it (at least to the point where I have been working on In Extremis for a little less than a year) I’m here now to discuss where I want to take In Extremis next, how, and even a little bit of when.

Here’s hoping this won’t drag on too long:

In Future Plans XV I (in the form of Padi) talked about how there was going to be a bit of a lull between that announcement and the next Expedition. At that point (late 2021) it had already been a year since the Visage Expedition – a fact that confused me when looking up the dates for this post – and I wasn’t actively working on another. I was not honest with myself at the time and within a few months I announced a hiatus when I accepted that I was suffering from burnout as it related to my work on In Extremis.

I tried not to think about InEx at all while finishing up and releasing my album (Patches of Tranquility) but my brain loves to think about problems. On a good day, I think about how to solve them, and I had lots of good days while working on Patches. Most of that thinking time was figuring out exactly what went wrong with In Extremis over the last few years (read the last section of the this post for more on that) and how it got to that point. Even though I didn’t have any new art or music to show off in that ending post, I thought it important to talk about where I was coming from and at least present a rough idea of where I’m going.

So that brings us to the present and near-future. Most pertinent to the website will be the introduction of Kaniovac ‘Andyda who will entirely be replacing the Ajikah in all facets. Presently I’ve been pretty quiet on social media: non-existent on the facebook page, almost the same on instagram, and haven’t posted much about In Extremis on twitter.

I won’t be going back to trying to post daily or trying to figure out what the latest thing the algorithm prioritizes is, but I’ll be posting more soon, or rather, Kaniovac will. She’ll post a little while she’s out on Expeditions, including some art beyond just text updates of how things are going. Speaking of Expeditions, let me talk a little bit about them:

An Expedition will be announced soon and Kaniovac will travel to a location or locations as part of some central purpose or point – these are for research. She’ll post across the socials about her trip sporadically including details about what to expect when she returns. Then when she returns, art, music, and stories will be released in time with a schedule she’ll put out, along with hopefully more than will fit on the schedule. Then she’ll take a break while her department plans another expedition, again posting sporadically with recaps, any changes to the site, things like that.

In the interim before that Expedition announcement I’ll be doing two things: getting some of Kaniovac’s previous work on the site so you can enjoy her research and streaming semi-regularly on twitch. I (almost) always post my stream schedule and when I’m about to go live over on twitter, or you can just follow me directly on twitch. As part of that work, I’ll be putting videos on the YouTube channel (haven’t done that in a while) soon-ish™.

So that’s it, pretty much. I’ve done some streamlining, reorganizing, and updating around the website but that’s boring. You’ll see Kaniovac and her work on the site by mid-April and an Expedition announcement sometime after that.