Album Announcement

Patches of Tranquility

I have a new album releasing soon! I’ve spent the last 6 months taking time off from In Extremis, and a bit longer than that working on this album, and it is finally inching closer. When I set out to start writing what became this album I was inspired by sounds that had elements of the acoustic/chamber music I had been making, the digital and electronic music I hadn’t made in a while, and was ambient more than anything else.

So this album is ambient first and foremost. I’ll elaborate in the near future on this, but for now know that it is ambient, with a mixture of electronic and acoustic sound sources. I’m really proud of it, and looking forward to getting it out soon. I’ll have a couple videos and other teasers out between now and the release, but here’s some dates and times to keep track of:

Release Info

bandcamp release: 4pm CDT July 23

YouTube watch party: 4pm CDT July 23

Other streaming services and stores: July 24

Pre-save and pre-order links to be announced

Visual for “a Moment filled with emptiness and peace”

Visual for “fog rising from soft earth Mid-Sunrise”

Visual for “laying underneath Stars with a gentle breeze”


There have been some small changes to make note of; there is still lots of work to do before I declare the In Extremis hiatus over. I am working on In Extremis, though at this point I’m still easing back in as I wrap up things for the upcoming album. The homepage has been updated, and though there will probably be a small change or two before it’s done, the new format is here to stay. There are some other small changes to existing pages and a couple of newer ones that you can find if you hop around, but there is no new content—just new formatting.