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Hiatus Announcement

It’s Mikkel

You might have noticed but In Extremis content is paused for now. I’m not sure when I’ll start again and what it will look like when I come back.

I’m explaining more below:

I’ve got another project right now

I have been working on In Extremis for some time, and if you’ve been here for any of it you’ve seen a number of changes to how I present the content, and in some aspects the kind of content I make for it.

I’m still invested in the world, but taking the time to step away, and also working on another more personal project has made me realize that I was putting up some barriers to the act of creation, the part of it all I enjoy the most.

I dressed up a lot of what I made for In Extremis, and I had fun and found enjoyment in creating these—the Forecasts, WrapUps, the characters of the Ajikah—interactions from which I present my work, but I’ve realized now that it was actively taking away from my ability, time, and enjoyment of actually doing the creative work.

Personally, I’m working on a lot of music, and art to go with it (pictured on this page). I do enjoy working on both art and music for In Extremis, but this has been freeing in a way I haven’t experienced in some time. I want to fully complete one of these projects (there’s a few) before I return to In Extremis.

That said, I’m not sure what it’s going to look like when I come back. I’m not sure how the Ajikah would continue to function in a more simplified and content-driven approach. At the heart of all of this for me is the content itself: the lore, the stories, the art, and the music. I still have ideas for content and its delivery that I am interested in exploring, but the time I had been spending in its presentation over the last year or so has worn me out.

See you (soon?)

If you follow any In Extremis social handles, any and all of my current work when completed will appear there, as well as any update on In Extremis itself.


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