Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans XV

This is Padi—it has been roughly thirteen months since our last Future Plans post (read it here) that detailed the future of the website. In the meantime we have launched another Expedition focused on improving the consistency and look of the site. This Expedition—especially of late—has brought a specific issue into our focus, that issue being server connectivity issues. We do most of our work on an internal server first.

This practice will likely seem worthwhile and commonsense to you. We are a team of collaborators and need to not only cross reference each other’s work for each article, book, and post, but often need input from other team members in the creation of these pieces of content. Almost all of our books we publish must be first translated into Omnel (by Rucu), then formatted (by Baic), with artwork produced (by Ankaya), and some must be restored (by Cuoramai) first.

Without the benevolence of Laeh Serin in the first place we would not have either of our servers, and with her generosity again we have been able to not only upgrade our internal server, but almost all of our technological capabilities. This upgrade took place just over a week ago, and has caused us to take a step back. As with most new technology, there is a learning curve.

We are choosing to take a brief absence while we all learn our new technologies. This will mean that instead of a slower learning process while potentially continuing with our scheduled posts and finishing the Visage Expedition, we will instead cease this effort and focus on learning so that it may be done quicker.

Already we have confirmed that this new technology will give us new abilities and potentials on our forthcoming Expeditions, and we are still in the process of reimagining this experience for you all. For now, we can say that this new technology will enable Ankaya to remain in Tclthhel and be sent information—as well as images—in order to produce artwork much earlier in an Expedition’s process.

Additionally, part of the new Expedition experience will involve releasing them later than we have in the past in relation to our actual trip—we hope to mitigate some of this delay with technology talked about above—but will have a clear timeline released with the Itinerary. This timeline—an example included below as if the Mistborne Expedition was conducted in such a way—is included below.

During this brief hiatus and over the near future, Ankaya will be working on a new format to distribute a new form of storytelling. We hope that this will be a way for us to tell stories in an interesting and captivating way. Keep a watch on Ankaya’s instagram feed for more, as well as this space.

Unfortunately as a result of the new technology, At’Ypx and Rucu will have to rebuild their long-term project from near-nothing. I am told that much of the formatting is incompatible with the new technology. However, we are all hopeful that their previous experience in terms of content production and workflow streamlining with the previous set-up will be of use once, along with the new software and hardware being an inherently faster working experience.

While we are disappointed that unpacking the Visage Expedition has taken this long, our hope is that not only will we have all planned content finished and available on the website by the start of August, but that we could be “online” sooner. In the interim, as previously stated we will be stopping all normal posts—Forecasts, Featured Fridays, and Soundtrack Saturdays—until we are satisfied with progress made in understanding our new technology. All Ajika members will be working toward this goal.

The following articles, books, and artwork are content you can look forward to soon:

  • Piracy, A History
  • Pirates article
  • Weapons hub article
  • Lott article
  • Hard Fought Truths
  • Religion hub article
  • Fieft (religion) article
  • Remaining fauna artwork
  • Ajika article
  • Gallants article
  • O.L.A.H. article
  • Holiday articles