Expedition Itinerary In Extremis

Expedition Itinerary #3

Hello, this is Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel. The forthcoming Expedition, much like our first will be an odd Expedition. The recent change in article format has rekindled many of the same needs we had prior to the first Expedition. As you may have seen, we have a new format for all articles on the website, with variations in formatting for each category:

A notable inclusion in this new format is the References category, which will contain internal links to other articles on the website⁠—most often books⁠—that are direct sources of the information presented in the article. Because we have relied on material not published on the website previously, we will be refining our references and henceforth publishing all referenced material. We are still in the process of writing the articles to meet the new format, and this means we are also scouring local depositories for information we have previously used and are considering using. Our current estimate is around two dozen new books to be published, though this estimate could be an undercount. Additionally, as Ankaya produces new artworks for the vast majority of these articles, we thought it appropriate that such a high volume of content be bundles as an Expedition. After all, most of the Ajika will be out looking for information.

Ankaya will continue to produce artwork for article headers, and banners in addition to standalone images that will go in articles. They are free to post any of this work to the new Instagram, provided that we have published the work on the website first.

Baic, Rucu, and myself will be traveling to several depositories on nearby planet-stars in search of information we deep acceptable to reference in our new format, and publishing these books. Rucu and Baic will also be completing the formatting and writing of the new articles, and Cuoramai will aid in restoring any partially degraded information we find in addition to searching through her records for useful information.

At’Ypx has been working on two projects for us long-term, and while one is not yet ready, he has informed me that one might be ready for a small presentation near the conclusion of the Expedition.

On that note, this Expedition’s timeframe will be unique. Each Friday in July we will be publishing a rewrite in the new format, with each week hopefully yielding an article in a different category. We will select articles that are complete from the references we have available on the site to the best of our ability. The new references and the majority of the new artwork will begin August 3, 2020.