Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans XIII

It took a while (almost two years), but we’ve finally moved on from Future Plans XII. Also for the first time in a while comes fundamental changes to the website. Along with the Social Media sites (twitter and facebook), the In Extremis portion of the website will be turned over to Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel and other members of the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika. I’ll have more on that in a second, but first let me outline the big changes to the website:

  • All non-periodic In Extremis content will move to the Page format, simplifying url slugs, navigation, and grouping of content
  • Speaking of Navigation, the navigation bar is/has been redesigned and will be completed at the start of the next Update
  • Updates will continue, but will be rolling content streams as part of the update’s theme
  • Update Announcements will be slightly retooled as “Expedition Itineraries” and more in-advance of the update…after this one

Before I continue about some of the changes outlined above, allow me to introduce Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel, and they can explain what their organization is about and how they’ll be changing things:

The Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika will be underway with their initial expedition soon, which Padi will be announcing shortly. In the meantime, I will use the rest of this Future Plans post to explain how the rest of the site will shuffle around.

All In Extremis articles, as previously mentioned will be in on the page format. That cleans up url slugs, simplifies navigation, and has the entirety of that portion of the website on the same page format–though they may not look the same, they will function the same behind the scenes, or under the hood. Forecasts, Wrap-Ups, and Annuals will be in the In Extremis post category. This also means everything else (which includes the Music portion of the website, as well as the Blog category) will be more separate. Additionally, a lot of old blog posts will be deleted, and I will start using the Blog category as well, a blog when I need to write about the music, or make additional In Extremis commentary separate from Padi and their cohorts. Basically, content that Padi and co. produce will be on In Extremis pages and in the In Extremis post category. Content that I create (compositions, and blog posts) will be separate.

The Navigation Bar is also being improved, and will seek to help this separation. Generally, there will be four items on the bar: In Extremis, Complete Works, Blog, and Search. More or less what’s there now, with some simplification. The Contact page may be put back on, maybe not. It’s available in a lot of places. In Extremis and Complete Works will have drop-down menus which will look like this:

  • In Extremis
    • New to In Extremis?
    • Updates
    • Lore
      • Books
      • History
      • Immortals
    • Omneutta
      • Sentient Species
      • The Known Universe
      • Animals
      • Items
    • News (In Extremis post category)
      • Forecasts
      • Wrap-Ups
      • Annuals
  • Complete Works
    • Orchestra/Wind Band
    • Chamber Ensemble
    • Instrumental Solo
    • Electronic Works
  • Blog
  • Search

I think Padi will expound on what exactly an Expedition looks like compared to an update, and possibly how the first Expedition might be somewhere between the two as the Ajika gets set up, but from my understanding Updates and their Announcements will be replaced with Expeditions and Itineraries. Expeditions will generally have self-similar content, or articles and other information that makes sense to be grouped together, but they might discover some other fun things along the way. It will take some time for them to gather all the materials they find and prepare them for us, which includes restoration and translation of artifacts, books, and the like, so it won’t come all at once like updates used to, but over a period of time. I’m sure Padi will be able to explain better when they’re got an itinerary prepared.

This change will be effective immediately, so you’ll notice some older, outdated content like early In Extremis blog posts to be disappearing before they restructure the website as discussed above as part of their first expedition. Additionally, all Social Media posts (fb, twitter, and YT) will be handled by the Ajika, though I’m not sure how quickly they will be posting with regularity as they set up all their belongings and equipment.

Finally, I have a small surprise. After several years of using only the circle/power/pillars logo and some other secondary logos on social media channels as well as the website, In Extremis has a proper wordmark. Check it out below: