Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part XII

Well, it’s been a while since I posted one of these. There wasn’t a year end flurry of activity like there has been in past years–mostly because I couldn’t figure out what should be in it. The majority of the year was spent on shoring up all of the Sentient Species, making culture articles which entailed coming up with worship practices, diets, clothing, architecture, languages, transport, etc. This was a huge undertaking and I got the lion’s share of it done on time each month. Then there was The Index 2.0, put together to showcase all of this new information. I was (and still am) sitting on a mountain of half-finished articles, concept art, in-universe books, and more but I couldn’t figure out which ones were worth completing in a timely manner so nothing really got done.

So, in the absence of one large goal, here’s a couple of small ones that are really more like steps to the near-future of In Extremis. Bear in mind that I’m also working on Chasing Shadows as well.

  • Re-establish an article template that all articles of certain kinds follow, for clearer flow and better legibility between articles
  • Update links to existing articles, and take stock of articles mentioned by several current articles that don’t exist yet
  • Remove all Chasing Shadows spoilers from the website and their articles, as this information may change and is generally useless without the book available
  • Finish The Ontiba. There are seven sections remaining, and a total of 38 chapters between them
  • Redesign the Reykata, who are a crucial point of Chasing Shadows
  • Tell the stories of other famous Omneuttians who aren’t central to the plot of Chasing Shadows
  • Illustrate and map out more cities, continents, planets, etc.
  • More articles and artwork on wildlife and other small details of the universe

I have been working on these article templates over the past few days, sloshing around the HTML of all 101 articles between the website and another program so that I can have an updated version of everything when I’m offline – in this initial pass I’ve added 98 links to the website already. Another part of this template up for consideration is a wiki-style gallery for concept/promotional art for characters, locations, items that would go at the bottom of an article.


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