Future Plans In Extremis

Winter Cleaning / Future Plans XII.5

So, this post is split into two parts, the first detailing the past month of agony cleaning that the website has been undergoing. 

If you’d poked around the site at any point in January, some pages that talk about the same things might have looked very different. That’s because I was in the process of finalizing article templates for the (many) kinds of articles I have, and then forcing all the existing (104) articles onto said templates. This created a lot of links. While in this process, I was also able to ensure that every link from a page on this website to another page on this website stays in the same tab, just like you all voted for. If you want a new tab, you can simply control-click any link. Here’s a breakdown of how it all went:

  • 566 links in total were edited/added/fixed/touched. This is all of the links currently in the 104 articles. That’s about 5.4 links per article!
  • In total, this generated 127 links that were new to the website, meaning that 127 of those 566 links did not exist in December.
  • 120 links were from articles about Omneuttians.
  • 5 links were from articles about organizations (there’s only one article right now).
  • 118 links were for articles about items, and 104 of those 118 were from books alone!
  • 189 links were from the various articles about the Sentient Species.
  • 75 links were for articles about locations across Omneutta.
  • 10 links were from event articles (there’s only one of these too).
  • 6 links were from species that are hostile
  • 3 links were from the sole animal article
  • 40 links were found on other various articles (such as the language article, or religion article.

Now, onto the Future Plans part of the post. The easiest thing would be to restate the points of the Future Plans XII and talk about them. This is, in fact, what I will do.

  • Re-establish an article template that all articles of certain kinds follow, for clearer flow and better legibility between articles
    • DONE! There’s a couple of hangups where I’d like different images (that I haven’t made yet) on certain articles, but overall the flow and layout of the articles are all much better.
  • Update links to existing articles, and take stock of articles mentioned by several current articles that don’t exist yet
    • DONE! I have updated all 566 links currently going from one article to another, and cross referenced each article with the other 103 to build a list of articles whose existence is implied by other articles.
  • Remove all Chasing Shadows spoilers from the website and their articles, as this information may change and is generally useless without the book available
    • ALSO DONE! I’ve even hidden a few of the characters from Chasing Shadows, as they don’t have any information or relevance to Omneutta outside of that plot. They might soon, though. In which case, their articles would be back for public viewing.
  • Finish The Ontiba. There are seven sections remaining, and a total of 38 chapters between them
    • Not done, but I am working on it.
  • Redesign the Reykata, who are a crucial point of Chasing Shadows
    • In progress, and in leu of images with their actual appearance, the Reykata article is vague and uses Rey’ynar’s logo instead.
  • Tell the stories of other famous Omneuttians who aren’t central to the plot of Chasing Shadows
    • Ooooh goodness, do I have some stories to tell you. You’ll be able to read them soon!
  • Illustrate and map out more cities, continents, planets, etc.
    • In progress, and I’ve even changed my workflow and map design to improve legibility and quantity of production without a loss in overall quality. More on this soon.
  • More articles and artwork on wildlife and other small details of the universe
    • Also underway, with more on this soon.

Oh hey, look at the time! It’s SOON! In the past, I’ve run In Extremis as a sort of trickle of content, sometimes it’s a steady stream, most of the time it trickles out. And sometimes (looking at you, April’s of the past) it runs dry. Last year though, from roughly June to October I had a theme for each month, as that helped me to crank out content specific to one Sentient Species at a time. Obviously, there’s more to In Extremis than just the Sentient Species, so this strategy doesn’t always work. But I have decided to return to it–sort of.

Soon™, I’ll be announcing a release date and theme for the next bundle of content. That way, you all know what’s coming and when. In the future, you’ll be able to look back amongst these bundle updates and find exactly what content came out when and how things get updated over time.


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