Reykata (rA-kah-tah)
Location Size Weight
Across Omneutta, mostly The Blade Varies Varies
Weapon(s) Effective Weapon(s) Spoils
Claws, Sometimes Magik Weapons Stabbing Kpouy


Reykata were created by the Sha’an Rey’ynar, and bear part of his name as a result. In early 900 A.T., Reykata began to appear in the far reaches of The Blade. At first they were believed to be cursed Sha’an (the origin of the name siefek), but soon began taking over communities, planet-stars, and systems. A full-scale offensive united the Sha’an briefly to combat the Reykata. After appearing to have been driven back by the offensive, the Reykata resumed terrorizing Sha’an across The Blade once Rey’ynar took power.


Reykata are generated by a magik process created by Rey’ynar. Though there are many races each with distinct features, there are a few similarities between all Reykata. Their most notable similarity is their exposed spine, or a spine-like bone structure that connects two (or more) separate parts of their bodies. Most Reykata also have large (relatively to their body size) white eyes. All Reykata have skin coloured in some shade of gray, which is covered by a swirling black pattern.


The Reykata are mainly used as a military force by Rey’ynar, attacking settlements and occupying them once the Omneuttians are dead or willing to submit. The Reykata govern themselves by a somewhat-present dominance hierarchy, where the most physically powerful are the ones who can claim power or deliver orders. For most groups of Reykata, the one in charge is usually a Stave—a Graey who is able to wield the magik of Rey’ynar.


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