Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans XII Part 3

I didn’t think that I’d still be in Future Plans XII this far out (the original post is from literally the end of 2017) but here we are. I don’t think I’ll be completely done with the list of goals I set forth in that post, but I’ve crossed off some more.

Let’s look at the ones I hadn’t crossed off last time (for full context, check out the OP).

  • Finish The Ontiba. There are seven sections remaining, and a total of 38 chapters between them
    • HA. Ha. Yeah, I haven’t published the finished version of any other section. Part of Section Two is up, and parts of other sections are written. This will likely be the longest goal to reach.
  • Redesign the Reykata, who are a crucial point of Chasing Shadows
  • Tell the stories of other famous Omneuttians who aren’t central to the plot of Chasing Shadows
    • This is a hard goal to quantify completing. I don’t think I’m done, as I’ve only put out two books in the Space Plunder update, and seven in the Scorched Surroundings update. It’s a good start, but I do want more before I feel that this can be crossed off
  • Illustrate and map out more cities, continents, planets, etc.
    • Last time I said this was in progress, and it more or less still is. Like the stories of other Omneuttians, it’s hard to say when enough is enough to call “done”.
  • More articles and artwork on wildlife and other small details of the universe
    • If I hadn’t made the last part pretty vague, I could say DONE. Animals got themselves a whole update with 18 new articles and more. I’m going to say done though, and call “other small details” as being incorporated in other updates.

Okay, this is a Future Plans post, so let’s talk about the part where I talk about plans for the future. In a couple of forecasts I talked about “music for the next update” and the more I started to work on that music, it was clear that it was going to be something that took a while to do properly and I wasn’t sure that I was going to get that update done in time.

In time?

Yeah, so late last year I started planning a big update that needs to take place in the middle of the year for…reasons. So, I didn’t want to push the update I was working on right next to a likely larger update and really work myself over trying to get those to done on time. But I didn’t want to put that update out at the end of the year and not have anything from the Wilderness update to this big update. Roughly half a year without an update!

So, I’ve still moved the update I was working on to after the large one, tentatively titled “LATE 2019“. So, there’s two updates now, one with “MID” and one with “LATE” 2019 as timeframes. But then, there’s that problem of not having an update in the entire first half of the year. So, like some updates in the past, I’ve looked through every single article and looked for topics that articles alluded to but didn’t link to (because those articles didn’t exist), and compiled a list of things that I should make.

So, there will be an “EARLY 2019” update after all. I’ll likely announce the date and theme in mid-to-late February, after I’ve had a couple weeks to prepare some initial materials.