Ontiba Section Two


The second section of the Ontiba contains three chapters. The first chapter tells the story of the remaining time between when the last Deities were created and the Timekeeping Reset from Extiru’s point of view. The remaining chapters cover the life of the two Xiruen considered to be immortal, Suugch and and his descendent Bauz.

Chapter One

1: I am Extiru. I am
The Blade Lord. I am the hammer.
I am strength. I am might. I am
pure destruction. Omneutta
is mine to destroy when I choose.

6: For several years, we eight were
together in times of peace.
We worked in this unison, and
shaped Omneutta with our powers.
In this period, all matters
were discussed among the eight of
This peace lasted for nearly
fifty days. When Porrair found a
new discovery, she told all.
Even Extiru. Extiru
would need help creating his own
corner of Omneutta, and the rest
would help. Not all were eager to.
Extiru noticed these things. The
Deity of death, Davoto,
would almost always have Haket,
the Deity of afterlife
in his wake. When Sham’ayn cursed things
Taruthe was never far behind.

25: In this time of peace, we learned from
each other all the weaknesses
we possessed. Aster would pretend
he could not see the glances passed
from one Deity to the next.
He only rarely intervened
When he deemed necessary, and
always said that we could manage
without his rare interference.


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