Lyenn (lihn)
General Information
Leader Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Notable Members Unknown




The name ‘Enforcers’ usually refers to the combination of two species, but can also mean the single species of Lyenn. In Before The Wind they serve an antagonistic role along with their counterparts Lyennfich.

Lyenn and Lyennfich make up what are commonly referred to as Enforcers, as most Lyenn travel by way of Lyennfich, but only Lyenn can be referred to as Enforcers by themselves. Lyenn are a species with no identifiable races, as all separate distinctions have to do with their ranking. Lyenn are fairly tall, with large upper bodies and smaller bipedal legs. Their eyes appear bug-like and are usually covered, while their lower jaw is split into two mandibles.



Symbol of the Lyenn

Not much is known at this time about the Lyenn before their use as Enforcers by OLAH. There is a theory among the Resistance that the Lyenn and Lyennfich could have come from an uncharted world, discovered by OLAH and used as an army.



Average Height 1.7 m. | 5′ 10″
Average Weight 130 kg. | 286 lbs.
Distinctions Split jaw
Races N/A
Skin Colour Dark Purple-Gray
Eye Colour White

Lyenn  are top-heavy bipeds with insectoid features. Their eyes are compound, but are usually covered by some sort of apparatus or helmet. Their upper jaw is slanted on both sides, with the teeth angled slightly out. These meet the lower jaw, which is split into two mandibles.

They may belong to the same family of species as the Lyennfich, hence the nomenclature. The two species are seemingly able to communicate with precision non verbally, and usually without any physical communication either. Lyenn are able to communicate among themselves in this fashion as well.


Lyenn are used as a police and military force throughout Omneutta beginning sometime in the late 700s or early 800s, A.T. Their use as a police force is limited to both space and land patrols, often in areas designated by OLAH as needing ‘protection’ from those who break the law, or areas that have recently seen a large crime. Enforcers can sometimes accompany Delegates to their meetings with Omneuttians.

As a military force, they usually have three forms of appearance, each armoured. These are numbered as E1, E2, and E3. As an Enforcer rises higher in rank, they are awarded more protecting and customizable armour which increases individuality. A fourth rank of Enforcers exists, but is a stealth classification.


It is believed that Lyenn are produced by a single entity, kept somewhere by OLAH or protected by the organization to ensure that all Lyenn will serve OLAH. Because of this, no Omneuttians outside the Ad-Hocracy, and even most within, have not seen young Lyenn.


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