Timekeeping Reset

OntibaFrontTimekeeping Reset
Appearance(s) Date Location Purpose Characteristics
N/A 0 B.T.
0 A.T.
Omneutta Beginning of a new era Withdrawal of the Eight to Astran
Governance of Omneutta by the Sentient Species

 Also known as the Deity Withdrawal, the Timekeeping Reset is the end of the Ontiba, the Holy Text of Omneuttians. After the Deities created the other seven Sentient Species and the Poria and Avotoc interacted–thus marking the first instance of inter-species civilization–they concluded that this would begin a new era in Omneutta. This era would be marked by the dominance of the other seven Sentient Species over the Known Universe, rather than the Ontautt, who would remain on Astran.

Before the Timekeeping Restart, time had not been kept well by the deities, only a loose track of time had been kept through records of Porrair’s experiments as well as anecdotal accounts by the other Deities, mainly Aster. Some time after the Deity Withdrawl the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy became the official mortal government of Omneutta and declared a new system of time. In this system, all events and years after the Timekeeping Restart are designated as A.T. or “After Time” and B.T., or “Before Time” for events concerning the rule of the Ontautt.


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