Sentient Species



Main Article: Ontautt

DeitiesThe Eight god-like beings that shape(d) the universe. They normally take on lanky figures with large heads while calm, but can also change forms depending on mood. The seven Sentient Species were created in the image of the Incarnate forms of the children of Aster, which are distinctive forms based on each Ontautt’s personality with the exception of Aster. The Wrath forms of each Ontautt also varies, again with the exception of Aster who is always in his “pure” form.


Main Article: Xiruen


Large, four-armed and perpetually angered beasts. No part of their stature is small save for their head and facial features. Their upper arms are smaller than their lower arms which adds to their constant frustration and necessitates awkward positioning of their bodies. Their skin is somewhere between orange and brown as well as crusty and they do have some hair/fur. They are the towering giants of Omneutta who live in desert like regions, finding homes in rock formations that bend towards the light of Astran.


Main Article: Avotoc


Short, skeleton like creatures whose heads are disproportionately large. Like skeletons, they are almost all white, though their bones have a slight blue tint. They are the grave keepers of the universe and are as such accustomed to death. Their bodies do not need to take in air and can travel through space or water without any additional equipment. They deal with emotions in extremes as if bipolar.


Main Article: Kettlah


Thin and lanky, Kettlah are often seen as emotionless. They have no facial features except for eyes and their hands can contort around and into any shape, making their body language hard to read. They have eight tendril like appendages on their backs and can use them to glide for distances. Kettlah’s also train in their culture to communicate with the dead. Many are golden in appearance though some can be more pale-yellow.


Main Article: Poria


Poria are beings whose body is essentially sentient lava. Their skin is hardened patches of lava around their body that float with the flow. They are very intelligent and refined, though not to the extent of snobbery. Almost all of their culture is metal that has been forged for heat resistance. As Poria are beings of heat, they can live closer to star-cores on planet-stars and even some star-planets where continents are further out.


Main Article: Quarryn


Quarryn are greenish-brown creatures whose rough skin sometimes resembles tree bark. They are highly dependent on a natural environment and rarely leave their home planet-stars. Some Quarryn are so in tune with their environment that they can coax the flora and terra to bend to their will. This process is how they make their homes on the insides of large trees.


Main Article: Sha’an


The Sha’an and the Turath are very similar, both having a mix of canine and feline like traits. Sha’an however are the more ritualistic and shaman like of the two. Sha’an are notorious for playing tricks upon anyone unlucky and unsuspecting. They possess some innate black-magic though it takes time to develop. Through this magic, some are able to shape-shift into even other Sentient Species.


Main Article: Turath


The Turath and the Sha’an are very similar, both having a mix of canine and feline like traits. Turath possess the ability to learn traits that are normally exclusive to other Sentient Species, such as the Quarryn’s coxing of nature. This is believed to be a gift from Aster for their well tempered behavior. Much of the civil service across Omneutta is comprised of Turath.


Main Article: Ontiba

The Sentient Species were created in the image of the Deities, with the exception of Aster, as told by the Ontiba. Each section after the first covers the creation and early history of each sentient species, as told by select individuals from each species. The first Sentient Species to be created were the Avotoc, around 400 B.T., and the last were the Turath, not long before A.T.


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