Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part XI

Last time I made one of these was in late October. A lot has happened since then. Last time, I focuses on what was happening between that date and the Index 1.0 release. This time, I’ll be doing the same,  counting down the time between this post and the release of Index 2.0. Right now, according to the sidebar it’s scheduled for November 30th, but realistically anywhere between the 20th and 30th is possible. That’s about 160 days give or take a few. So, what’s going to happen in those almost 5 months?

  • Monthly focuses on entire sentient species, specifically:
    • June – Kettlah
    • July – Poria
    • August – Quarryn
    • September – Sha’an
    • October – Turath
  • Focus on clarifying In-Universe languages
  • More artwork independent of the monthly Species focus
  • More reworked music
  • Chasing Shadows 50% off until September 5th
  • More Species EPs (often in accordance with the monthly focus)
  • More In-Universe books
  • Removal of Chasing Shadows spoilers
  • Focus on outstanding lore
  • Aiming for another Davo-like orthoscopic map
  • Get the last of the Deity pure-form artwork and articles up

Speaking of The Index, it is being remodeled in the style of some of my favourite art books, allowing both more space per page for the artwork that deserves it, and more space for articles per page. This means the pages themselves are larger. The Index is now horizontal, mainly for viewing on computers rather than tablets and e-readers. Previews will be slowly easing out as specific spreads are set throughout the rest of the year.


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