Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part X

This is some sort of milestone, right? The tenth time I talk about the future of this website and both the short- and long-term future of In Extremis.With that said, the largest looming date on the horizon for In Extremis right now is December 22nd, 2016. In 55 days (from this post), The Index will be released as version 1.0- an encyclopedia of knowledge in the In Extremis universe. Between now and then I’ll be doing as much as possible to get it prepped and ready for release, but there are additional aspects of In Extremis that’ll happen. Here’s a rundown of what’s what over the next 55 days:

  • Solidify the spread layout for the Index
  • Round up all artwork to be included
  • Make a list of articles that have a potential need for artwork
  • Divide up SoundCloud account
  • Release of the first movement of the Orchestral Suite
  • Completion of the Second Movement
  • Further writing of Dead Run
  • Article generation of content to be included in The Index

Ooh, I mentioned Dead Run. The sequel to Chasing Shadows is under development; I started writing in August and I plan to be done in May. I plotted out the story at the same time Chasing Shadows was being written, as it’s a direct sequel and many of the plot points in Chasing Shadows preempt events in Dead Run. I plan to be done with theĀ writing in May and begin editing. At that time next year I will be in the process of graduating and beginning that stage of my life so I haven’t nailed down a finished date for the editing process yet. I’ll also start drafting music for Dead Run in January so that the soundtrack will be finished just before I put the book out (in theory).

You might be wondering how different the website will really be from The Index if I’m putting articles that appear on the website in The Index. If you’ve got the curiosity and time, I have the answer. The articles on the website are geared towards a more surface level understanding of the universe, for people to brush up a little bit between, or during reading if there are gaps in their memory of the lore. There is room to be had on the website for deeper understanding of lore, and on articles that are too short without the deep lore, and articles that are already perhaps too long I don’t feel bad about including the deeper lore. But in The Index, the deeper lore is something I want to incorporate from the start. There will be a warning in the start of The Index that articles are going to spoil any currently released material and I will refrain from spoiling future plot events, but anticipate a heavy dose of foreshadowing.

The first movement of the Orchestral Suite (teased below) is not too far away. Formally done, I want to wait until I make more progress on the second movement before I release it that way they’re not too far apart. I expect to have it out in November or early December at the latest.

Wait a second, that’s not a soundcloud embed below. What gives? Well, I’ve decided to move away from SoundCloud in the future and November should see me divy up what is currently on my soundcloud account to other sources. I’ll be using my YouTube more frequently, as well as finished products ending up on bandcamp. I’ll still leave the soundcloud up so that nothing on the site gets broken, but from here on out do not expect any new material to be uploaded to soundcloud.


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