—The first manufactured continent to be placed on the star-planet Ohr, it has the most significant breakage.

Location Information

Terrain: Mountainous, Plains
Climate: Seasonal Temperate
Points of Interest: Hanukish, Hoyell Oyeluean

  1. Wayfarer Map: Ohr
Topographic Map of Hunziy; click to enlarge

Hunziy contains the city of Hanukish, home to the head of the system that Ohr resides in. As the capital city of Hunziy, it also oversees the branches of the star-planet’s organization.1 Due to it’s construction early in the pori understanding of continent stabilization, Hunziy has broken apart into several pieces over centuries, though most of the island containing Hanukish was saved through stabilization.1

In particular, the two cities of Heiani and Heiaga were at one point the same city before the island separated.1 Other significant breakage happened over centuries along the southern portions of the Hoyell Oyeluean, and was the focus of several reports as understanding of stabilization progressed.1

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