Topographic Map of Hunziy




InhabitantsPoint(s) of InterestClimateTerrain
PoriaHanukish, Hoyell OyelueanHighlandsMountainous, Plains, Forest


Ohr was one of the first star-planets to be astroengineered with manufactured continents; Hunziy (of Ohr) was one of the first continents to be manufactured. As such, it has suffered some weathering and erosion. The island that contains the capitol city of Hanukish was at one point connected to the rest of Hunziy, so that Heiani and Heiaga were at one point one city. Erosion and weathering have also broken the continent in the Hoyell Oyeluean, a mountain range that once was in one piece. Unlike the island containing Hunziy, this was a much slower process and was not immediately stabilized by engineers.



Hanukish is the city which houses the head of the system that Ohr resides in. As the capitol city of Hunziy, it also oversees the branches of government of Ohr. These two separate branches of Government reside in one building, modeled after the early architecture of Poria that all government buildings follow.
Heiani and Heiaga were at one point one city. When the land containing Hanukish and half of the city broke off, Heiani and Heiaga were given their current names, and the cities have developed into two distinct-yet-similar cities over time.

Geographic Points

The Hoyell Oyeluean is a mountain range that curves to the south-east from the northern region of Hunziy. A section of the land containing the mountain range broke off over time, with the remaining land having been stabilized by engineers. The river running from the sea by Nuihovie runs through these mountains to the west and at one point split south, but this split dried up as the land crumbled and fell to the star-core underneath. The eastern-most branch of the river remains on the other side of the split, having formed a trench that fills with the runoff from the higher land to the north.