—Technically the capitol of Pale Shores, Vanpog sees little public use or recognition in favour of more traditional avoc Planet-Stars.

Location Information

Terrain: Mountainous
Climate: Oceanic Boreal
Points of Interest: Limhabypo Ports

  1. Wayfarer Map: Vanpog
  2. Wayfarer Map: Pale Shores
Topographic Map of Vanpog; click to enlarge

Some time after the establishment of OLAH, Vanpog became recognized as the capitol Planet-Star of Pale Shores, which previously had no capitol.1 At one point, Vanpog was an important stop into and out of Pale Shores on one of the main trading and shipping routes with Parallelium and other -Spaces, which grew the ports that surround the largest island in the sea.2

Despite this, there are several local clans that were largely undisturbed by outside events who lacked the technology and/or desire to travel across the sea.1 The most distinct feature of Vanpog is the large sea. There are four islands in the sea, the largest being the port-island roughly just-East of the “center” of the sea. To the northwest lies the island of Nolitta, which according to local legend was once connected to the sea-wall by the cape located just off the island’s coast. In the north of the sea, there is the smallest island on Vanpog which divides a cove often used to anchor ships that are waiting for an open dock at a port. In the northeast is another small island with two small peaks home to a small clan of Avocs.1

Other Locations in Pale Shores: