Topographic Map of Vanpog


Pale ShoresPlanet-StarN/A


Attempted Bureaucracy~15,000Oceanic, MountainousVanpog


Some time after the establishment of OLAH, Vanpog became recognized as the capitol Planet-Star of Pale Shores, which previously had no capitol. Detailed later in the Economy sub-heading, Vanpog was an important stop into and out of Pale Shores on one of the main trading and shipping routes with Parallelium and other -Spaces, which grew the ports that surround the largest island in the sea. Despite this, there are several local clans that were largely undisturbed by outside events who lacked the technology and/or desire to travel across the sea.



The government of Vanpog, much like its main attraction is a bit of an exception from Avotoc cultural norms. Most Planet-Stars and by extension their cities are run in a familial hierarchy, and for some time Vanpog was no exception. However, as each of the several ports surrounding the main island became more specialized in their cargo and ships serviced, one familial clan was not enough to keep accurate management of the booming industry. Thus, a poorly-functioning Bureaucracy was implemented, that functions in some vague capitalistic manner, where ideally the port that functions the smoothest has its management oversee the other ports, but this usually makes the previously-efficient port worse, so the managerial functions have been somewhat of a revolving door in the past few centuries.


Vanpog relies almost exclusively on shipping as the main stop upon entering Pale Shores for those ships that cannot make it to their destination without refueling, and as a last stop for ships exiting Pale Shores. There are, of course, Planet-Stars equipped to refuel crafts closer to the edge of Pale Shores, but the large seas and numerous ports located at Vanpog attract more ships, which help build more ports, feeding a cycle that has cemented Vanpog’s status as at least an industrial capitol over several hundreds of years.
Vanpog does see some tourism, primarily to see the Council Member’s (largely unused) quarters, located on inside the rivers that swirl around the center of the island and carry river traffic between the ports and the governing and regulatory buildings that are also located on the central island. Occasional other sources of tourism are to see the mostly agrarian local avocs who have existed on other island settlements around the seas for hundreds of years largely undisturbed.


The “indigenous” population on islands that are not the main, central port are all Avotoc, as one might assume from Vanpog being the capitol of Avotoc-Space. That being said, many Omneuttians that work in the ports and small sections of trade around the ports are non-avocs. Many of the non-avocs were once captains, sailors, or other for-hire positions who have for various reasons decided to settle in the port. Those who are not are almost all descendants of those who were.


The most distinct feature of Vanpog is the large sea. Relatively large compared to the continent and the star-core, the sea of Vanpog is however not quite as large as the GreatSea on Davo, which is some 30km across in its longest stretch. Vanpog as a continent is only around 20km itself, with the most direct East-West route (traveling slightly around the main port-island) is around 18km. There are four islands in the sea, the largest being the port-island roughly just-East of the “center” of the sea. To the northwest lies the island of Nolitta, which according to local legend was once connected to the sea-wall by the cape located just off the island’s coast. In the north of the sea, there is the smallest island on Vanpog which divides a cove often used to anchor ships that are waiting for an open dock at a port. In the northeast is another small island with two small peaks home to a small clan of Avocs.