—While not the first known, the planet-star is the first recorded incidence of Reykata.

Location Information

Terrain: Highland
Climate: Highland
Points of Interest: Gabu Region, Siro Plateau

  1. Wayfarer Map: Alekodst
  2. Annals of Dystopia
Topographic Map of Alekodst; click to enlarge

Alekodst had long been a stronghold held by what was once the Reign of Bitis.1 Early in the 900s the Reign began losing its footholds in the North-Eastern section of The Blade and Bitis slowly became a Remnant. As time passed a multitude of circumstances such as the Reykata forced the entire Remnant onto one planet-star, and eventually their numbers thinned to perhaps only a sole survivor.2

Alekodst is notable for its “floating continent” where the Remnant stashed its means of communication with other Sha’an, and most of their high-end technology—almost all gifts as well. This continent was tethered to the main continent by cable to the capitol of Bitismov.2

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