Topographic Map of Alekodst


The BladePlanet-StarN/A


Remnant of Bitisless than 1,000 Sha’anHighland, Humid ContinentalAlekodst, floating continent


Alekodst had long been a stronghold held by what was once the Reign of Bitis. Early in the 900s the Reign began losing its footholds in the North-Eastern section of The Blade and Bitis slowly became a Remnant. As time passed a multitude of circumstances such as the Reykata forced the entire Remnant onto one planet-star, and eventually their numbers thinned to perhaps only a sole survivor.



Out of the capitol of Bitismov, the Remnant of Bitis was led by an Achran who wore the mask of Bitis, a heavy ceremonial mask that wraps around their head with long dagger-like fangs extending to the shoulders. As in all Sha’an bodies of government, this Achran was the final decision maker in all matters, from the societal down when hunting parties should go out. Though sub groups made their own decisions, they presented their decisions—such as what to hunt—to the Achran for approval. The Remnant of Bitis’ Achran’s current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Even during the downfall of the Reign—but before the invasion of the Reykata—Alekodst was a modest source of agriculture in the region of The Blade, able to send and/or sell plant-based foods to other Remnants in the area, sometimes in exchange for technology or gifts.


The Sha’an are the sole sentient-species on Alekodst, for many years surviving by hunting wild populations of Broiska in the dangerous Rubyriks Forest, and capturing small animals attempting to eat their crops in the large swaths of farmland in the center of the main continent.


With the capitol of Bitismov in a valley between a short plateau to the west and rolling hills that become farmland in the east, Alekodst is far from the most formidable locale in The Blade. However, for its inhabitants there are many perils—most notably in the Rubyrks Forest nestled between Hrati and Vysoh peaks . On the opposite side of the continent is the Bodnut Range rising from the farmland and north of Vorihnih Forest. The range also boasts the Siro Plateau which features the highest point on Alekodst. Further east of Bodnut Range lies the Gabu spring, whose water flows down from the peak and into the sea and marshland which bear the same name.
Alekodst is notable for its “floating continent” where the Remnant stashed its means of communication with other Sha’an, and most of their high-end technology—almost all gifts as well. This continent was tethered to the main continent by cable to the capitol of Bitismov.