SpaceVale Reef

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
Buttes, PlateausCold Semi-AridUnknown

Musical rendering from ‘Vale Reef EP’


Columns is the sole local group in Vale Reef to be a geographic distinction. Among these Star-Planets and Planet-Stars, the rock formations (Buttes and Plateaus) that Kettlah live on are taller than across the rest of Vale Reef, as well as having a smaller livable area atop them. Here too, the mist extends up the sides of the rock formations, rather than between them, leaving large gaps of the local group’s Undergrowth visible from where the Kettlah live.
It is theorized that the Kettlah who first learned to glide and fly were from Columns, as the rock formations that extend up far beyond the mist would provide ample space to land and climb back up, rather than building structures to cross the distances as is the norm elsewhere. It is unknown if the areas in the Undergrowth that are not directly covered by the mist have the same properties as those that are.