The Veil


SpaceVale Reef

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
PlateausCold Semi-AridUnknown

Musical rendering from ‘Vale Reef EP’


The Veil makes up the majority of Kettlah-Space, and features large plateaus that pop up through the mist that separates their peaks from the Undergrowth. These Plateaus are much wider than they are tall (above the mist, overall in some areas) which enables Kettlah tribes who migrates to migrate around a single plateau or a small group of them throughout the year.
The Veil is named such because of the density of celestial bodies in this part of Vale Reef enables the mist to flow from one celestial body to another in many places, or slowly dissolve over an expanse of space. Unlike the other main local group of Vale Reef, the mist here entirely separates the tops of plateaus from the Undergrowth, creating a dichotomy of climate on every Planet-Star and Star-Planet.