—All spaces across Vale Reef that lie under the mist are known as the Undergrowth.

Location Information

Terrain: Rolling Hills, Plateaus
Climate: Humid
Points of Interest: Unknown


Rather than a distinct local group, “The Undergrowth” is a catch-all term for lands that are below the mist across all of Kettlah-Space. In Vale Reef, what is above the mist is called the surface and all that is below is referred to as the Undergrowth. The mist is believed to have some mental effects that inhibit Omneuttians from returning to the surface.1 The origin of the mist is unknown, though some schools of Remiges believe that it is Haket’s will not to cross it.3

It appears the mist is integral to the development of the Undergrowth as its own recognizable terrain and climate. According to local kets not all of the flora in Vale Reef is available above the mist. Each species seen on the surface can be found below the mist, in addition to flora only available in the Undergrowth.2 A pair of kets in each tribe are called the Glean and procure the more nutrient-dense flora from the Undergrowth.1,2

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