SpaceVale Reef

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TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
Rolling Hills, PlateausHumidUnknown

Musical rendering from the album ‘Mistborn


Rather than a distinct local group, “The Undergrowth” is a catch-all term for lands that are below the mist across all of Kettlah-Space In Vale Reef, the mist divides planet-stars and star-planets into what lies above and below—normally referred to as the surface and undergrowth respectively. The mist is believed to have some mental effects that inhibit Omneuttians from returning to the surface.

Specialized Flora

Though many types of flora exist in Vale Reef, many have sub-species or exist entirely in the Undergrowth. The difference in humidity leads to several of these species producing bioluminescence in their undergrowth variants, and kets are known to prefer the undergrowth variants for their nutritional value.

Some plants only exist below the mist, such as the Withered Shrooms, and Turvey Shrooms, both of which are bioluminescent. In the case of Rock-Eaters, several stages of plant-growth only occur beneath the mist, suggesting that something about the humidity or difference in water leads to more evolutionary development. In other cases the plant appear fundamentally similar but develop minor differences—in the Stone Feathers the leaves grow only in tight clusters appearing to be from one stem beneath the mist—which typically include heartier, thicker, and stronger leaves, petals, or other fibers.