Golden Deep


SpaceVale Reef

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
PlateausHumid Torrential, Cold Semi-AridUnknown

Musical rendering from ‘Vale Reef EP’


A local group by proximity and theology, the Golden Deep is an extension of The Veil that according to the Ontiba houses the original creation place of the Kettlah as a species and the location of the original Gateways. Numerous expeditions to the area have been undertaken throughout Kettlah history, but the actual location has never been found, hence the whole area taking the name. Because it is not actually known if the Gateways themselves are in the area, some cartographers (and their maps) do not list it as a local group.
Geographically, it is similar to The Veil in terms of its wide, low plateaus. However, the mist here that usually separates the plateau-tops and the Undergrowth shifts constantly, swelling and dissipating—taking the flora-sustaining moisture with it. There are widespread reports of glowing, golden trees in the area that can subsist for weeks without the moisture of the mist while the bright pink, blue, and green flora that exist across Vale Reef wilt.