Topographic Map of Tennu


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Tennu was settled not by one of the original five tribes descended from Haket’s first kets. Instead, as the pori introduced themselves and space travel to Vale Reef, some kets from around Vale Reef spent a few years aboard these ships as they traveled around to other worlds in Kettlah-Space. Before these ships departed to The Outcropping, many of these kets departed for the uninhabited world of Tennu, where a multi-racial tribe was be started.

Believed by some Gleans to be Vale Reef’s first multi-racial tribe, this tribe has endured for centuries. Though Tennu was uninhabited when the tribe first arrived, there exists a Gateway roughly in the middle of the continent. Like many other gateways around Vale Reef, it is easy to certify that the architecture of this monument predates the earliest known inhabitants of the land around it.



Like all planet-stars of Vale Reef, Tennu is run by a tribal form of governance. Discussed more at length in the Kettlah article, there exists a council made up of the youngest and eldest adult kets that makes decisions. On Tennu, there exist no large-scale dwellings, and the tribe are cliff-based nomads. There are two pairs of advisors to this council, the Glean and the Garner who keep the tribe’s memories and food supply respectively that often advise the council, helmed by the eldest member of the tribe, on when to move to a new cliff in search of the sustenance the tribe needs, or due to other seasonal changes.


Above the mist, there is one long segment of cliff that winds and cuts across the continent. This is seen by the locals as two distinct sections joined by a small land-bridge south-east of the Gateway. The western section exists largely to the east of an area below the mist known as the Vanishing Pools, and wraps around the Cut-Serpent Valley. Both of these sections exist below the mist and are not seen by outsiders. The Vanishing Pools reportedly fill and evaporate or “vanish” as the rain season comes and goes.

The eastern section of the land above the mist, aside from a small handful of small cavities and one large valley is one solid landmass. On the furthest east peak lies another Gateway, not honoured by most locals and only used for celebration of the Third Gate. To the south exists an abandoned temple dated similarly to the Gateway known to predate the local tribe. To the north between the to largest landmasses and underneath the mist is the Rock-Eater Sea, conceivably a body of water filled with one of Vale Reef’s most notorious flora. To the south is a large plateau that can sometimes be seen faintly through the mist, and by outsider accounts is host to some of the most nutritious flora on all of Tennu.