Biological Information

35-43 cm. | 14-17 in.9-10 kg. | 21-23 lbs.6-10 yearsAganeihat, Danapunc, Rotting Meat


ParalleliumPredatoryNone, occasionally DaekoizCalderic, Grassland

The pekataro (pl. and s.) is a species of small canids from Parallelium. Roughly translated from Jibhaga, the species’ means “pack dog”. Notable for their large head and fluffy tails, there are two main sub-species of the pekataro, the Calderic and Grassland. Calderic petakaro (seen below) have a darker upper coat to blend in with the darker rocks around volcanoes as they creep along the ground. Grassland petakaro (seen above and below) have a more orange upper coat that blends in with the short, dry grasses that dot the landscape.

Biology and Behavior

Pekataro live in packs controlled by an alpha, which may be male or female. In these packs, they hunt aganeihat and danapunc that live both across grasslands and the various volcanoes across Poria-Space. While both of the species they hunt are also pack animals, they tend to seek out weak, hurt, young, or old members of the pack and gang up on them to separate them from the pack in order to kill them. Pekataro tend to live around six years, though some have managed to live up to ten. The alpha typically reproduces with members of the opposite sex in the pack, losing their position to other adults or if they manage to protect their offspring long enough, to their own offspring.
Though they are pack animals, pekataro live in


Found all over Parallelium, and all over each continent, either Calderic and Grassland pekataro exist in nearly every biome present across Poria-Space. Through their hunting of aganeihat and danapunc, they inadvertently keep packs of these animals from becoming too large.
While long thought to be roaming pack animals, pekataro rarely roam and instead have been seen to live in vast tunnel networks dug through the soft ashen soil. Calderic pekataro have been seen to both use abandoned daekoiz tunnels and dig their own at the base of volcanoes. Grassland pekataro, when crouching low at a tunnel entrance can largely obfuscate the existence of a tunnel entirely. It is not known currently if packs will move from one tunnel system to another, or whether they would expand the system.

Interaction with Omneuttians

Though they tend to stay far away from cities, calderic pekataro are occasionally seen by pori who work in molten-material processing facilities, and packs of them must be kept clear away from machinery. Though they could not cause serious harm to the metal, their accidental death from falling into any open pools or containers of lava would dilute the product.