Rucu ‘Miystowoby

Rucu ‘Miystowoby
(rooh-chuuh Mish-tawh-vawh-bih)

Biographical Information

Pornedom, The Hilt947 A.T.TurathFemale

Biological Information

HeightWeightSkin ColourEye ColourHair Colour
2 m. | 6’ 6″108 kg. | 238 lbs.Blue, BlackDark BlueBlue


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Ajika RobesAjika BevorRopesCuoramai, At’Ypx


Born in the most southern reaches of The Hilt, past even Duslady, Rucu was raised in an environment without the distractions of contemporary Turath city-centres. After completing the normal line of turth curriculum, she elected to study languages at several Kolegi, traveling over many years across Turath-Space, as well as to Pale Shores and Matriarch Grove. In 978 she came to Parallelium at the request of the Hanullzis to begin a project to streamline and remake the pori language.

Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika

While in Parallelium to work on the next iteration of Jibhaga, Rucu received request by Padi to work as part of a historical society. After some correspondence to negotiate payment and ensure that her work with the pori government would not be impeded by this work, Rucu agreed to work for the Ajika as its translator and language consultant.