Uiaan Baic Aeccoo

Uiaan Baic Aeccoo

(ow-aih-ahn bIk Eks-oh)

—Managerial assistant to Padi of the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika.

Biographical Information:

male xegoir, Xiruen
B: 962 A.T., unknown, Elon-Cluster, Parallelium
Ht: 2.4 m. | 8’ 1”
Wt: 155 kg. | 342 lbs.

  1. Ajika Application

Born and abandoned in the western portion of Poria-Space somewhere in the Elon-Cluster, Baic was raised in pori culture for the first 25 years of his life.1 Following a brief excursion to his ancestral homelands, Baic left The Outcropping and returned to Parallelium.

After nearly a year spent traveling around Parallelium and nearing the end of his funds, Baic happened upon a call for interested non-pori to join the Ajika. Not wanting to return to the oppressive heat of Xiruen-Space, Baic applied and with his upbringing in the pori system while not actually being pori, he received the position of managerial assistant.