Aebradan Miethhaehas Ajikah

Aebradan Miethhaehas Ajikah

(A-brahdan mI-tfaeh-ahs ahj-ihk-ah)


Historical Society
Ldr: Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel
Est: 989 A.T.
Hq: Tclthhel, Alziviysn, Ohr

  1. Ajikah Charter
  2. Rudimentary Expedition
  3. Mistborne Expedition
  4. Visage Expedition

Throughout the year 988 A.T. successful business financier Laeh Serin reached out to a local pori by the name of Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel with the interest of founding a society with the intent of mirroring Porrair’s fourth Directive. Rather than systematically conducting research on all elements of Omneutta, this new society would employ a small number of Omneuttians who would instead mostly assemble previously conducted research with a focus on one subject or several closely-related subjects at a time. While Laeh Serin is the financier and benefactor of the group, they are not seen as a member of the Ajikah.

The Ajikah undertakes Expeditions preceded by Itineraries detailing what members hope to find, the steps they will take to secure such information, and a timeline of its eventual publication. The first Expedition was centered around publication of material considered basic and foundational knowledge of Omneutta and the local area, while reorganizing the site in a manner the Ajikah found consistent.2 The second Expedition was predicated on developing a deeper understanding of Kettlah and their surroundings, in addition to collecting musical and aural samples of the area, translating the Kel, and a search for the missing Zinder ‘Odkodpoby.3 The most recent Expedition was made possible by the hiring of the visual artist Ankaya yla Matekha and reflected widespread changes to the visual formatting of the website.4

In addition to expected managerial roles and tasks the Ajikah also currently employs members for ethnomusicology including an outreach over Earth music, a physical material restoration specialist, a translator, and a visual artist.

Those currently employed by Serin and the Ajika are:

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