Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika

Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika
(A-brahnd mI-tf-ahs ah-jih-kah)

General Information

Organization TypeGoalsLeaderEstablished
Historical SocietyInvestigate, Organize, and Categorize all Information, Knowledge, and Writings in OmneuttaPadi yla Rilc-Tclthhel989 A.T.

Societal Information

Capitol/HeadquartersCurrencyReligious Affiliation(s)
Tclthhel, Alziviysn, OhrLottN/A

Other Information

Notable MembersAlliesEnemies
N/ALaeh SerinN/A


Throughout the year 988 A.T. successful business financier Laeh Serin reached out to a local pori by the name of Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel with the interest of founding a society with the intent of mirroring Porrair’s fourth Directive. Rather than systematically conducting research on all elements of Omneutta, this new society would employ a small number of Omneuttians who would instead mostly assemble previously conducted research with a focus on one subject or several closely-related subjects at a time.


While Laeh Serin is the financier and benefactor of the group, they are not seen as a member of the Ajika. Padi yla Rilc-Tclthhel is the de-facto leader, who organizes the members, makes content and subject decisions, puts Expedition reports together, and publishes Itineraries. Uiaan Baic Aeccoo is Padi’s assistant and contributes mainly by running the website, including assembling all articles and translated books into proper formats, and publishing weekly Forecasts. At’Ypx is the resident ethnomusicologist, specializing in the ambient musics of several Species. Ypx also runs a weekly feature analyzing the soundtracks of Earth “video games”. Cuoramai and Rucu ‘Miystowoby do not run any weekly or serial website features at the moment, but are two invaluable specialists. Being experts in restoration and translation respectively, their work and experience are necessary to the historical society.