Divine Forge

Divine Forge

—The center of Omneutta and home to the titular star-planet of Astran. It is also the home of the Deities according to the Ontiba.

Location Information

Terrain: Mountainous, Rolling Hills
Climate: Varies
Points of Interest: Astran

  1. The Ontiba
  2. Wayfarer Map: Divine Forge
  3. Piracy, A History
Star Chart of Divine Forge; click to enlarge

Divine Forge, as with the rest of Omneutta was created by the Deities.1 Due to the heat of Astran, almost all of the planet-stars and star-planets that reside in Divine Forge are inhospitable to mortals for extended periods of time, even pori.2 The planet-stars at the fringe are said to be paradisiacal from the few who have been able to travel to them and return.2

The space as a whole is known geographically for its rugged and lush mountain valleys and plains.2 Rivers run from the mountains and off the edge of continents, providing moisture to almost every square kilometer of each continent. The mountains are reportedly mined for minerals by OLAH for coating lott of different values; these operations are a target of pirates and other groups.3