(aht yuh-pzj)

—Resident musicologist of the Ajika and curator of the recurring #SoundtrackSaturday feature.

Biographical Information:

male, Avotoc
B: 915 A.T., Oivucer, Basljs, Ohr, Parallelium
Ht: 1.4 m. | 4’ 6”
Wt: 60 kg. | 134 lbs.

  1. Ajika Application

Ypx was born on Ohr, to a pair of wealthy avocs. Since the pair had lived in Parallelium all of their lives, Ypx’s name includes the character ‘Y’, not available in Aevot. Though all of the other letters appear in both Aevot and Jibhaga with similar pronunciations, his parents felt that the inclusion of the ‘Y’ meant the whole name should be pronounced in the pori language.1 After showing an early interest in musicology, he was sent to several Kolegi around Tang at the completion of his early schooling in Parallelium.1

Upon the completion of several Kolegi worth of musicological studies, Ypx returned to Ohr in 986.1 Not long after in 988, Ypx was made aware of a call for musicologists with knowledge on a wide breadth of Omneuttian music. The posting mentioned that special consideration would be taken for applicants with an open mind towards technology. At’Ypx would receive the position, becoming the Ajika’s resident musicologist. He also runs the recurring Soundtrack Saturday feature that uses state-of-the-art technology to find music from another universe.