—A specialist in restoring paper and stone artifacts, and in particular manuscripts from early After Time.

Biographical Information:

female uiiseg, Quarryn
B: 953 A.T., Clodmin, Wiazesdem, Pommel, The Hilt
Ht: 1.6 m. | 5’ 6”
Wt: 69 kg. | 153 lbs.

  1. Ajika Application
  2. Ajika Application – Rucu

Cuoramai grew up in central Turath-Space several generations with other quarryns several generations removed from Matriarch Grove.1 Though she excelled in her schooling’s sklo crafting program, she was never comfortable with the heat it required and instead went to Kolegi to study the restoration of broken sklo, hoping to find a way to repair it without heat. During her studies she developed an affinity for restoring paper and stone artifacts, particularly manuscript.1 After formally changing her studies to the restoration of writings, she travelled around The Hilt to music and language based Kolegi to restore their libraries, where she met At’Ypx during his studies.1

The final member of the original five to join the Ajika, Cuoramai was contacted by Ypx after he accepted his position and learned that Padi was seeking a specialist in restoration.1 Like Rucu, she intends to continue with her previous work while working for the Ajika.2