Pan Arbnhap

Pan Arbnhap

—Planet-Stars in Pan Arbnhap feature the harsh deserts The Outcropping is known for as well as basins that run with water from thawing ice, and a gradient of climates between.

Location Information

Terrain: Basins
Climate: Hot Binary
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap
Star Chart of The Outcropping; click to enlarge

The majority of Pan Arbnhap is between these two extremes, with both flowing and standing water present on nearly every Planet-Star in the local group.1 The climate of Pan Arbnhap is classified as a Hot Binary, where roughly half of the year is a hot season, and the other half being a cold season. Because it is a Hot Binary, this means that the hotter season tends to be far more harsh than the cold season.

Geographically the continents of Planet-Stars are mostly similar in that they generally form large basins—though these are not always the entire continent—where water collects. In locales that are furthest from Astran’s light, and geography furthest from the planet-star’s star-core, this water can freeze, creating snow, ice, and at times glaciers.1

The Outcropping Local Groups:

Locations in The Outcropping: