Aft Seas

Aft Seas

—Further from Astran than the rest of Pale Shores, but similar in most aspects.

Location Information

Terrain: Mountainous, Glacial Basins, Woodland
Climate: Seasonal Temperate
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: Pale Shores
Star Chart of Pale Shores; click to enlarge

As with Adrift, Aft Seas are a Local Group based largely on proximity—this collection of celestial bodies is furthest from Fieft, the bulk of Pale Shores, and Astran.1 Like the rest of Pale Shores it features large bodies of water that turn quickly from shores, to mountains through wooded areas. However, due to the distance from larger sources of heat and light—Fieft and Astran—this local group features more geographic features due to seasonally migrating glaciers.1

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