—Some of, if not the most, hostile living conditions in The Known Universe, Xusoigar is home to a hardy bunch of xiruens, wildlife, and flora.

Location Information

Terrain: Highland
Climate: Hot Arid
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. A Warning on Mixed Relations
  2. Wayfarer Map: The Outcropping
Star Chart of The Outcropping; click to enlarge

Geographically, Xusoigar is what comes to mind when many Omneuttians think of The Outcropping. With its towering, physics-defying slanted and curved rock-structures, this local group is the most visually distinct.1 Most of the planet-stars in the area are covered with shifting sands so that the rock-structures are the only point of geographic reference, and for this reason maps of planet-stars in this local group are hard to come by.2

Unlike the other two local groups, there is less than 10 cm (4”) of rainfall over the course of the year on average throughout the local group. All life in the area has developed alternative means to locate and keep moisture.2

The Outcropping Local Groups:

Locations in The Outcropping: