Space Plunder

Space Plunder adds several new pieces of lore to the In Extremis series, from several new articles, to a new YouTube single, multiple new in-universe books,  and more!


An article about the most fearsome, disjointed, totally not collectively organized, group without a singular purpose, having no overarching leadership, Omneutta has ever seen!

You know, Pirates!

Pirate Hideout

Because what’s life without a little music, right? Enjoy In Extremis’ newest YouTube Single, out today, and linked above. You can even get the desktop over on the Media page.

Pirate Books

Survey: Plundered Poria: A leaked report from within the Poria government on an attack by the pirate Skeli. The full title of this report is Survey: On the Likely-Before-Time Artifacts Plundered Near Egur-Hlasarl

To Scheme: The first of two books detailing the famous Pirate Ce’Tus’ final haul.

Other Update Notes

New Content:

  • Lieyos Article– An article on the weird ice that Davoto loves so much.
  • Gallants Article– Finally, the Gallants as an organization have their own article. Read about the formation and continuation of the organization as a whole here!

Other Updates:

  • The following pages were updated with links to the Pirates article:
  • The following pages were updated with links to the article on Lieyos:
  • The following pages were updated with links to the new Gallants article:
  • There’s now a map of Ava on the Davo page! In an effort to streamline representations of In Extremis, I’m introducing a new type of map that’s easier to make and read, and conveys locations with more accuracy than the past. There will now be three map types:
    • The new type of map used for Ava, to be used on cities and small-scale locations
    • The Eckert-IV projection, to continue to be used for all planet-stars and star-planets to show all their continents to scale
    • A new type of map to show single continents at at time
  • The Books page also now includes the two newest books contained in this update.
  • The Books are now linked to from the following pages (and from the Pirates article: