General Information

Organization TypeGoalsLeaderEstablished
Umbrella TermAcquire WealthNone; Various CapitansN/A

Societal Information

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Other Information

Notable MembersAlliesEnemies
Ce’Tus, Le’TusUnknownO.L.A.H.

History of Piracy

Piracy began in Omneutta sometime in the 400s After Time. The boom in space-faring Sentient Species was a contributing factor to the advent of piracy. These newly space-faring communities additionally were generally more wealthy than at any previous point in Omneuttian history, presenting a long list of potential targets for pirates. This period of sudden increase in wealth was brought on by quick technological aspects across many industries and aspects of life for several Sentient Species. Subsequently, a large percentage of all vessels in space were worth the effort to rob.
In modern times as many space-craft have become better defensed through either protecting vehicles or self-defense mechanisms, pirates have taken to thievery with faster, smaller ships. These ships are adept at escaping after an attack and evading continued pursuit. Pirates have been less willing to attack heavily armoured and weaponized fleets. Instead pirates have gone after sites of high historic and monetary value.

Famous Pirates

Ce’Tus is widely believed to be the greatest pirate of all of history. Mentioned below, his last (and perhaps greatest) purported heist is covered in the books To Scheme and To Thieve. In no relation, another avoc named Le’Tus (though in fact named for the former), is widely considered to be the ‘last great’ pirate of Omneutta. Though his hauls and career were not as extensive as the former, Le’Tus’ reign came at a time in which many believed piracy was eradicated on a large scale, and preceeded a time in which no pirates achieved anywhere near a reputation. The Avotoc known as Skeli was briefly notorious in the mid-to-late 900s, A.T. as well.
In addition to Ce’Tus there is some debate in (admittedly small) academic circles of historians on whether or not early Xiruen Rex’s of the 200s~400s meet the criteria of Pirate captains, as they oversaw destruction, theft, and general ransacking much to the same scale as the high times of Pirates.

Writings on Omneuttian Piracy

While piracy has not been covered in-depth by academic writing, a number of reports detailing losses at their hands, as well as semi-biographical writings detailing famous pirates exist in some number.