Biological Information

Sz: 3.7 m. | 12’ 1” (at shoulder)
Wt: 680 kg. | 1,500 lbs.
Loc: The Outcropping
Tpt: Aggressive
Prd: None

  1. Dangerous Lizards Among the Sand

Kiindem are the apex predators of The Outcropping, actively preying on all large animals across planet-stars. This not only includes other reptiles such as urgai, epbee, and unee, but xiruens as well.1 The species has only been studied from a distance due to their aggressive nature and lethality. 

The species’ name translates roughly into “The Crown of Death”, likely a reference to their neck-frill that expands. It is not known how the kiindem came to be so large despite the relative lack of food for all species across The Outcropping. Kiindem can be found across The Outcropping, but only in arid climates. 

Slain kiindem have provided researchers with the measurements that confirm xiruens’ longstanding reports of being twice their size. The species are nearly four maters tall, their bodies are nearly two meters longer, with a tail nearly as long. 

Kiindem are known to be solitary, though it is known that there is gendered mating. During the day kiindem sit on top of flat rocky areas to absorb heat to warm their blood for hunting during the dark.1