Biological Information

3.7 m. | 12’ 1″.680 kg. | 1,500 lbs.~24 yearsXiruen, Urgai, Epbee


The OutcroppingAggressiveNone

Believed to translate roughly into “The Crown of Death”, kiindem are the apex predators of The Outcropping. They are also the largest creatures in Xiruen-Space, towering over the Sentient Species that the section of Omneutta is named after. At nearly four meters tall and a body of nearly 6 meters with a tail nearly as long, kiindem hve body parts larger than their prey. The crown in their name likely refers to their neck-frill that expands. The section of skin that unfolds is always a dark colour, often black. At the end of their legs, all four limbs have large paws with three claws that all curve inwards to help rip up their prey. Additionally, while the teeth of kiindem are relatively small compared to their overall size, they usually larger than the claws of their prey and are physically quite large overall.

Biology and Behavior

Kiindem over many generations have learned to poach the unee raised by Xiruen. They eat all large creatures found throughout Xiruen-Space, including urgai, epbee, other kiindem, and notably Xiruen themselves.. They are nocturnal, hunting during the dark part of the day where they are not as easily seen. During the day, kiindem sit on top of rock pillars, plateaus, and other flat areas with their neck-frill extended. The darker parts absorb heat, which they tuck against their skin during the dark to keep their blood warm enough to hunt. Around 15 years into their life cycles, females will be ready to mate. To mate, female kiindem will wander out of their territory into that of a male. They will mate once every few years, with the female and offspring living in the male’s territory until the offspring is old enough to control its own territory—some time 4-10 years into its life. Non-mating kiindem are solitary, and all kiindem seek to expand their territory into land voided by a mating female.


Kiindem can be found across The Outcropping, but only in sections of planet-stars that can be defined as arid desert. They do not have thick enough skin to survive the arid tundras with their cold blood. For unknown reasons, kiindem are not seen in the coastal deserts common near the bodies of water in Pan Arbnhap.

Interaction with Omneuttians

Mentioned above, kiindem regularly prey on Xiruen, targeting those who live in smaller communities or are more isolated from larger communities, such as those Xiruen who raise unee or otherwise live on the outskirts.